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Motivation is key

Whether you’re trying to gain a six pack for your lover or trying to slim down for that smaller sized jeans you’ve had your eyes on for weeks, the hardest part of all these endeavors is actually getting off the couch. We can all agree that making excuses is a lot easier than making your way down to the gym to endure a hard day’s workout. But the reality is that most of us spend more time fantasizing about ourselves ten workouts down the line instead of actually sweating all those workouts in the gym. We undoubtedly procrastinate about our own fitness and stall our way to better personal health and in order to overcome this hurdle, the motivation card must be played.

I cannot stress enough, or then again I can try that in order to commit yourself to a long term fitness goal, you must have that drive to make you perform. Without an internal will, there is no push to perform. Without this mental element in your workouts you will find yourself giving up too soon and too often. Not only can motivation get you off the couch, motivation can push you for the much needed extra rep, or extra minute on the treadmill. Motivation is what hardens your mental ability to become immune to negative thoughts. Some tips are:
1) visualize: like any artist has been trained to do, they visualize what they draw BEFORE they draw it. Visualize what you want to accomplish, see your self doing it, and visualize yourself getting those perfect six-packs, or that perfect waist. Nothing can push you harder in fitness workouts than clear motivational mental pictures. Visualize yourself going over the hurdle then go over it, visualize yourself lifting then lift it.

2) Staying positive: workouts are all too often associated with such a negative light because your body aches, you’re practically drenched in sweat and you’re struggling to restore some oxygen in your body. But even considering those staples in workouts, I am serious when I say you must ENJOY your workout. Yes, I said it, ENJOY. Creating a positive aura when thinking about your personal fitness is as crucial as the workout itself. Picture it as an opportunity to improve yourself every time your workout comes along instead of another thing you have to do. Without positive thinking, you’ll just procrastinate and delay your own personal health.

3) Train your Brain: when you’re not working out, read up on articles that might help your next workout. Digest any material that can help you get over your workout hurdles. Read up on any new exercises that may be incorporated in your workouts. TRAIN your BRAIN to live, to learn and to love your fitness lifestyle.

4) Music: any kind of music can help you get pumped up for your workouts. It doesn’t necessarily have to be rock or any other stereotypical “pump up” music. Personally, I cannot stand a full workout with loud bashing metal. Sure it gives me a pump but it wears off because there is no variety. Whatever music that inspires you or gets you into workout mode, you should use. I use to workout with Japanese music, and because I could not understand a word it helped me focus more on the lifting. I use to have a song called “Happy People” in the middle of my workouts. And like the saying itself…. whatever works.

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