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Muscle Magazines & Supplements

Sitting here with my Flex magazine, I can see Ronnie Coleman staring back at me, with his bulging snake-like veins, lifting weight that is unheard and unmatched by any other human being. His recent titles as Mr. Olympia is shown on his massive weightlifting belt and his shoulders resemble two good sized watermelons. He is standing tall and proud as a man at the top of his sport, as the alpha male of the bodybuilding pack, and beside him is a well placed, stylized red bottle. He’s endorsing a product.

The N.O.-XPLODE, a name that seems like a cross between something scientific and something an advertiser would come up with. “What It’s All About” is printed above a sweating Ronnie. And as I flip through a couple more pages, that seems exactly the case. Supplements, supplements and more supplements. The New N.O.-XPLODE, explosive energy in minutes! CELLMASS- Creatine Product of the Year 2006.

These magazines are tremendously populated with these ads, as every three pages I see Ronnie sweating it out…..beside a product. Now when I started to workout, I did not know about supplements, about Creatine or any product that gave me instant strength. I flip through these magazines knowing that I am going to be bombarded with ads but yet there is some hope to find those traditional (or revolutionary) fitness tips. But almost every time I go to search for the answer; they shove a bottle of pills at my face.

But surprisingly, I have to owe a bit of my physique to the ads that captivated me about whey protein. Learning about how you need to amass almost hulking amounts of protein while you recover got me excited about buying my first ever supplement.

And it wasn’t half bad. I had purchased a Soy based Whey protein and for a first timer and I was quite surprised. It gave me noticeable gains during my experiment and currently I'm on a whey supplement made by Carb watchers. I have to admit, that I was taken in by the ads, but it also made a lot of sense to me that after a grueling workout you need a little extra to help you repair and re-grow your muscles. But it doesn’t make sense to me to burn fat by eating pills. It’s a matter of digesting what makes sense and what doesn’t. For you it could be Creatine, but for my personal goals, Whey was my way for me. If you're from the UK Fitsense.co.uk is a great supplement provider and they will offer you free postage if you spend over a particular amount. If you have time, check out there deals.

Trying new products and supplements is not where most harm is done, its' not educating yourself enough and in a lot of cases that's what really hurts you.

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